Booking The Roleplaying Room

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Booking The Roleplaying Room

Inlägg av Mirwouk » fre 04 maj 2012, 04:43

Monday: VACANT
Tuesday: VACANT
Wednesday: VACANT
Thursday: VACANT
Friday: Anders Persson [Yote] 070 - 921 83 97
Saturday: Filip Danielsson [Arcturus] 070 - 799 58 68
Sunday: Roger Johansson [Ulvert] 070 - 418 58 04

From the look of the booking schedule at our old place it almost seemed that some of the time slots were carved in stone. We only have one room now and people that want to use it should not have to wait while someone that is supposed to use it does not. That is why I intend to check at least twice a year with the keepers of a time slot to make sure that they actually use it.

If you want a regular time slot you need to get in touch with me, which is easiest by sending a personal message to me here on the forum. If you want to play on someone else's scheduled time slot then you simply get in touch with the one that has it. Most of the time slots are assumed to be in the evening but do not expect that you can use it earlier in the day just because that is usually the case. If you are unsure just ask whoever has the time slot. A word of advice though; if someone does not answer you, that is not an invitation to show up to use their time slot.
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