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How to change the User Language to English

Postat: ons 05 mar 2014, 16:09
av Mirwouk
In the upper left just under the button for 'Forumindex' there is a button called 'Kontrollpanel'. If you click that you get to a page where there is a tab called 'Inställningar' (third from the left). Click that one and you arrive at a page that lets you customize your user settings. One of the options is called 'Mitt språk' (My language), and the scroll down menu allows for two choices; 'British English' and 'Svenska'. After you have clicked 'British English' you need to click the button at the bottom of the page called Skicka (Submit). Then you just wait a short while and the system settings are now in English.
It will not help you understand all of the names of our categories or read the Swedish posts but at least it will be a lot easier to navigate our forum. If the demand is stronger than any objections I can also look into changing the name of the Forum categories to make it easier for English speaking people.