Spikey surprise: Zagburn vs Yersinia 1

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Spikey surprise: Zagburn vs Yersinia 1

Inlägg av guildmaster » tor 18 mar 2010, 16:38

Recon mission: Victory points, but troops in enemy deployment zone counts as double. Each player get to place two mine fields (D6 STR4 hits) after deployment. Anywhere but in enemy deployment zone. (1 200 p)

Zagburn - Warboss (PC,BP)
5 Nobs in trukk (Painboy)
'ard boyz trukk (Nob,PC,BP)
2 slugga trukks (Nob,PC,BP)
12 shootaboyz "The rascals" (BS)
3 Killa kanz (2 BS,SK)
Deffkopta (rokkits)

Yersinia - Sorcerer on bike (Mark of Nurgle, Warptime, meltabombs, forceweapon)
6 Bikers (Icon of Nurgle, 2xMelta, Powerfist)
2x6 Noice marines (Blastmaster)
2 Obliterators
Blight drone

Orks deploy first but CSM steals the initative.

- Wot? You say dey here already. Der goes da surprize.
- Mount up boyz, it's bashing time! You rascals stay back, look an learn.
- Lootaz and grots stay behind da walls. Dont even think 'about runnin. I got da 'ole place booby traped.


CSM: Bikes move up to the center. BD miss the trukks but hit the rascals who imediately flees off the table and shoots down the deffkopta.
Orks: Go! One Kan blows up running through the minefield. All trukks rush forward top speed. 'Ard boyz charge bikers while west trukk mob fail to reach them and get stranded in the open. 'Ard boyz knock down two bikes but are wiped. Nob trukk and East trukk dive into the woods on the east flank.

CSM: Drone moves up with bikes and unloads on west trukkmob. Bikers charge and wipes them, but another biker dies. Obliterators blows up Nob trukk, Noisemarines shake east trukk.
Orks: Waaagh! Empty trukks and kanz blows up the drone. Nobz charge and wipes the obliterators.

CSM: Bikes retreat center north. Noisemarines unloads on nobs but only manage to do one wound.
Orks: Empty trukks block the bikes. Lootas down another biker. The nobs get stuck in terrain. East trukk jump out and crash in the minefield. The boyz charge and kills the first noice marine units.

CSM: Yersinia flees southe west. Second noice marine unit unloads on the orks at point blank and manage to shoot themselves.
Orks: Nobs jump a trukk and takes off after Yersinia. Trukkboyz wipe last noice marine.

CSM: Yersinia charge and kills the Lootaz
Orks: The Nobs charge Yersinia. Zagburn crush him with his powerclaw. No CSM left.

- How waz da fight grim Zagburn?
- Hur hur. We smacked da pink eadz and took da loot. Got me a trukkload of bikez, guns and teeth. Bad stuff - their big kopta waznt a kopta at all. Just an ugly slime squig. Nothing to loot dere.

Pinkeys about to get bashed. Yersinia's last ride.
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Re: Spikey surprise: Zagburn vs Yersinia 1

Inlägg av Ironjens » tor 18 mar 2010, 19:40

Orks - putting the laughter into manslaughter

När Jeppa är borta dansar Jens på bordet - Bästa DMFare på Gothcon 2010!

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