Zagburn vs Belsebub - Sneakin panzies

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Zagburn vs Belsebub - Sneakin panzies

Inlägg av guildmaster » sön 11 apr 2010, 09:08

Zagburn - Warboss (PC,BP)
5 Nobs in trukk (Painboy)
'ard boyz trukk (Nob,PC,BP)
2 slugga trukks (Nob,PC,BP)
13 Grots, Runtherder (BS)
3 Killa kanz (2 BS,SK)
2 Kannons
Deffkopta (rokkits)

Belsebub - Farseer (Guide)
6 Warpspiders, Exarch w dual spinners
10 Guardians, Warlock w Destructor, BrightLance
10 Guardians, Warlock w Destructor, BrightLance
8 Fire dragons, Exarch w Dragonbreath in Waveserpent (SC)
10 Dire avengers in Waveserpent (SC)
3 Warwalkers (3x2 SL)

Recon mission: Victory points, troops in enemy deployment zone counts as double. Each player get to place two mine fields after deployment. Anywhere but in enemy deployment zone.

- Hur hur. Diz is da time. We hit 'em before dey know we are ‘ere. Nobody move until I say waaagh.
- Who shot ma trukk! Crud. Never mind go get 'em.

The eldars steal initiative.


Walkers, and brightlances take out the two center trukks and Shakes the west one. And blows up the deffkopta. Farseer get a Perils of the warp and loose a wound.
Zagburn, the nobz and the surviving slugga boyz move up into cover. 'Ard boyz move up towards center hiding behind ruin. Kanz in the west.

- Bad Zagburn. Never, ever start with da trukks out in da open. Sneakin, stealin panzies can't wait for der turn.

Warpspiders jump forward and blow up the 'ard boyz trukk. Walkers gun down most all but two of the center slugga boyz mob. West trukk is Shaken again.
'Ard boyz charge warpsiders and kills all but one. Nobz follow up after them with the remaining slugga boyz. Kanz move up the and the slugga boyz on the west flank get restless and jump out of their trukk and rush after them.

3. Wave serpent rush forward through the minefield. The fire dragons jump out and downs two kanz. Avatar charge the 'ard boyz and end up totally surrounded.
Nobz can't get to the Avatar and charge the first waveserpent with no result. The last kan and the east slugga mob charge the Fire dragons and Waveserpent, killing all but one. Avatar finish up last 'ard boyz.

4. Walkers thin down the nobz before the Avatar charge them. Sluggaz kill last Firedragon.
Slugga boyz run desperatly through the minefield. The Avatar kills finish off the Nobz with only Zagburn left.

5. The Farseer charge the sluggaz with his Guardian squad. The Avatar and Zagburn wrestle each other.
Slugga boyz fight the Farseer and his guards. The Avatar finally knocks out Zagburn.

6. The Farseer and Avatar kills off the last slugga boy.

- Dat burnin big panzie was strong an bad. Back to da huts and get more trukks.

Belsebbub wins

Kanz attack

'Ard boyz and the avatar fights it out
Chaos, panic and disorder... My work here is done