Zagburn vs Swenson

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Zagburn vs Swenson

Inlägg av guildmaster » sön 11 apr 2010, 23:17

Zagburn - Warboss (PC,BP)
5 Nobs in trukk (Painboy)
'ard boyz in trukk (Nob,PC,BP)
1 slugga boyz in trukk (Nob,PC,BP)
20 Shootaboyz (Nob,PC,BP,2 BS) in Battle Wagon (2 BS)
2 Killa kanz (2 rokkits)
5 Lootaz

Deffkopta (rokkits)

Commander with 3 snipers + vox
Leman russ
Veterans in Chimera (7 Plasma)
Veterans in Valkyrie (3 melta)
Veterans in Chimera (3 Flamers)
Infantry platoon with Commissar, 3 Missile launchers and 20-some troops
6 Rought riders

4x4 table.
Recon mission: Victory points, troops in enemy deployment zone counts as double. Each player get to place two mine fields after deployment. Anywhere but in enemy deployment zone.

- Boss! Da 'umies are 'ere now. Lots of tanks and a big wing what do we do
- Dat fancy wing is no match for my battlewagon. Ram it!
- But it flies in da sky boss.
- If I say ram you ram! Saddle up boyz!

Guards deploy in gunline and Valkyrie scout forward to take out the BW. Orks manage to steal the initiative. Waaagh!


1. With a big roar the BW flies out of the wods jump a hill and crash right into the Valkyrie. Str 8 hit, penetrate, fails to dodge, get imobilized and crash. Nice. The boyz disembark in the minefield, loose some boyz but charge and wipes the veterans that crawls out of the Valkyrie. All trukks and the kanz move up. The deffkopta and the lootaz take out the center Chimera.
The Heavy weapon teams take down the Zagburns trukk and the plasma veterans jump out and melts the deffkopta. The Rough riders charge the 'ard boyz trukk but only manage to stunn it.

2. West trukk tries to drive through the mine field but blows up. The Shootaboyz ump bck into the BW and drives forward. zagburn and the nobs ignore the center minefield and charge the infantry plutoon. The boyz jump out and tries to run through the minefields but take som much losses that they flee (Fail nr 1). The 'ard boyz jump out their trukk but then forgets to charge the rough riders (Fail nr 2)
Plasma veterans shoot down one of the kanz. Rough riders avoid the 'ard boyz and charge the BW and manage to blow it up. The Leman russ finally rolls a hit and take out all but two of the neatly packed 'ard boyz.

3. The last Kill kan fails to charge the plasma veterans in the woods. A nob with big choppa crack open the Russ and the others keep kills off the last guards. Shoota boyz from the Battle waggon charge the snipers in the west ruin. Last 'ard boy jump back in the trukk and drive around the ruin.
Plasma veterans rolls a lot of 1:s and burn themselves up. Flamer veterans unloads on the nobs with little effect.

4. Killa kan finally charge and wipes the plasma veterans with the help of Zagburn that break off his unit. The Nobs charge and wipes the flamers. The Shootaboyz wrestles the snipers and HQ. 'Ard boy nob speed along the back table edge toward the last chimera.
The guard HQ get wiped out.

5. 'Ard boy nob jumps out behind the last chimera and rips it apart it with his power claw.

Zagburn debrief his troops:
- What da mork where you doin back dere. If you gonna charge, charge - don't think. You're da 'ard boyz
- Sorry boss. Dey confused us by ridin on dose four legged squigs.
- Dose squigs took out my Battle waggon. Now you help Mr mek 'ere to put it together again. Even if it take da whole night. An tell him to loot da wings too. I want a bomba!

Epic moment when the Battle wagon rams and wrecks the Valkyrie

Rought riders charge trukk but nothing vital is damaged
Chaos, panic and disorder... My work here is done