Zagburn vs Snorre

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Zagburn vs Snorre

Inlägg av guildmaster » tis 27 apr 2010, 23:35

Ork vs SW

Zagburn - Warboss (PC,BP)
5 Nobs in trukk (Painboy)
'ard boyz in trukk (Nob,PC,BP)
1 slugga boyz in trukk (Nob,PC,BP)
20 Shootaboyz (Nob,PC,BP,2 BS) in Battle Wagon (2 BS)
10 Grots w Runtherd
3 Killa kanz (2 rokkits)
5 Lootaz
Deffkopta (rokkits)

Rune priest (Living lightning + Tempest...)
10 Grey hunters in Rhino (Plasma, melta)
10 Grey hunters in Rhino (Plasma, melta)
10 Grey hunters in Drop pod (melta, melta)
7 Grey hunters (Melta)
6 Longfangs + Wolf guard
5 Grey hunters (Flamer)

Mission: Get the provisions. 3 objectives (food). You check each objective when you reach them by rolling a die. On a 1-3 the objective is false and is removed. Spear head deployment. All wood terrain is either on fire (dangerous terrain) or smoking. Either way they block LOS and gives a 3+ cover save.
Orks roll to go first but SW steal initiative. Two objectives close to the orks and one by the wolves.

- A clear sky, full tanks, the and a good fight. It's gonna be a good day!
- Not clear boss! Look an asteroid!
- Wot? Dats no 'steroid itz a crash pod full of dogz. Get da grub. Don't let 'em get even a bone.


1. SW drop pod in front of Nob trukk. Longfangs kill one killakan and the Deffkopta. Runepriest kill 2 Lootas with Living lightning, the rest flee off the board. SW home base object is OK.
Nobs charge and wipes the Drop pod Hunters. BW, Trukks and Kanz move forward full speed. Both my objectives are duds and are removed.

2. Scouts enter from my back table edge and blows up the BW with a meltagun. Runepriest blows up 'ard boyz trukk with Living lightning
Waaagh. Nobs charge center GH. Ard boyz run up in the middle and charge the longfangs and the small GH unit with flamer. The shoota boyz from the BW run forward but fail to charge into the woods with the longfangs and get stranded in the open. The Grots charge the scouts in hope to delay them, the scouts kill them and get back chasing the Kanz. Center trukk chill in da forest. Three of the 'Ard boys burn up in the woods and the rest get massacred. The runepriest manage to give Zagburn a big surprise with his forceweapon and kills him with one blow. Wot de Mork!
The tide has turned for the green skins.

3. Longfangs frag up the BW boyz and together with various bolter shots from other units killing all but the Nob. Scouts shoot the claw of one of the Kanz. First rhino squad disembarks, charge the Nobs manage to win the fight and massacre them. The center trukk blows up.
The remaining trukkboyz back up into the woods. The Killa kanz try to charge the Longfangs but fail to reach them.

4. Longfangs stop the kanz and the Greyhunters charge and kills the last trukkboyz.
The orks are gone. Any surviving ork has crawled away to fight again another day.

The next morning Zagburn awakes with a splitting headache. The painboy and the local weirdboyz has manage to squeeze his soul back into his patched up body.
- I like da space dogs. Bad an killy, good enemies. But dat cheatin glyph boss. Smack me with dat weirdsword and don't wait around for me to crump him with ma claw. Next time iz my turn to go first!

Now afterwards I can see I made a lot of bad choices. The setup was ideal and It started great even if I lost the imitative.
- I knew I would have trouble with all the grey hunters. They strike before my boyz with 3 attacks (countercharge) each and my boyz are only twelve in each trukk. I needed two charge each full Grey hunter unit with at least two of my own.
- I should have used cover more and driven through the woods, not around them.
- I failed a lot of charges into terrain and ended up getting blown to pieces the following.
- I didn't attack in one wave, but in three. I have to learn when to wait so I can focus my forces.
- I have to keep my boss away from Force weapons when I charge in the future. With bad rolls they are really scary. Try to place the nobs base to base with those enemies.
My opponent played great, took it easy and made no mistakes. Even his bad dice rolls couldn't save me.

- Stupid trukkies! Why didn't they go through da trees. I paid da meks extra teeth just to get rams on all da trukks.

The first charge always feel good. The greyhunters stumbles out of the pod and get massacred by Zagburn and the nobs.

The last charge didn't wasn't so scary. The puppies clean up the last green skins.

SW win a farm and my tank factory. I get the puppie's star academy.
Chaos, panic and disorder... My work here is done