Zagburn vs Grabnutz

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Zagburn vs Grabnutz

Inlägg av guildmaster » fre 11 jun 2010, 17:11

Zagburn vs Grabnutz

- Sneakin Snakebites. Diz wasteland is to small for both of us.
- 'Ard boyz go first. Kanz! You get da Meganobz. Everybody else stop their trukks. And I've 'eard he's got a squiggoth. Set up a squig race with the Battlewaggon and see who's da badest. Stay away from da dread. It's mighty killy.
- We leave before sun rize! I want dat Grabnutz 'ead on my 'ood before lunch.

Zagburn, Warboss, Claw, 'eavy armour, cybork
6 Nobs, Painboy, Claw, Big choppa, kombiscorcha, 3 'eavy armour, 3 cybork. BW with deffrolla, BS, grots and armour plating
12 'Ard Shootaboyz, Nob, Claw, Bosspole. Truck with RPJ, Ram
12 Shootaboyz, Nob, Claw, Bosspole. Truck with RPJ, Ram
20 Shootaboyz, Nob, Claw, Bosspole, 2 BS
7 Lootaz
3 Killa kanz with rokkits
1 275p

Grabnutz, Big mek, KFF, Burna, Squig, Cybork
5 Meganobz in trukk, Kombirokket, Kombiscorcha
20 shootaboyz, Nob, Claw, Bosspole, 2 BS
12 Sluggaboyz, Nob, Claw, Bosspole. Truck with Ram
12 Sluggaboyz, Nob, Claw, Bosspole. Truck with Ram
10 grots, Runtherd
Deffkopta w rokkits
Deffdread with extra CC and Scorcha
8 tankbustas, Nob, Claw
Squiggoth with Kannon
1 250 p

Annihilation special mission:
Elite, Heavy Support and Fast attack counts as 2 Killpoints. HQ as 5 points and Troops and transports as 1 point each. Dawn of war deployment. Orks go first.


Zagburn deploys trukk with 'ard boyz behind a ruin up the east flank
Grabnutz counter with a big mob and the dread on the same flank. Deffkopta outflanks and grots go in reserve.

Turn 1:
Zagburnbs orks drive in and regroups between the tanks. Big Shoota mob in BW, Nobz in trukk, trukkmob disembark into the woods. Lootas set up in the back woods to the west. Killa kanz in center and the rokket buggy to the east.
Grabnutz 3 trukks drive at full speed up the east flank. Squigoth enters in the center. Shootaboyz and trukks rain lead on the 'ard boyz trukk but only damage the red paint job.

Turn 2
Z: BW and nob trukk drives forward. Rokket buggy block east flank but fail to damage any of the enemy trukks. Lootaz wrecks the Meganob trukk.
G: Trukks advance, boyz jump out and charge the 'ard boyz trukk and the buggy. The trukk blows up taking 3 'ard boyz and 4 boyz with it. Mega nobs walk up the center. Dread fail his charge for the BW. Squigoth advance, but Tankbustas fail to damage BW. The buggy get shaken. Deffkopta enters from west but fail to damage the Battle wagon. The grots enters and hides behind a hill.

Turn 3
Z: BW rams squigoth, which loose 2 wounds and fails its leadership test. It runs of the table with a squeal dispite the threats and foul language of the tankbustas on its back. The nobz turn back and try to shoot down the deffkopta, but the Lootaz have to step in and finish it of. 'Ard boyz shoots and charge first trukk mob killing all but three. The buggy are wrecked by the second trukk mob.
G: Waagh!. Second trukk mob charge into 'ard boyz combat and wipes them. Meganobs and dread charge the BW and rips it apart, only 11 boyz survive the blast. Shootaboyz fail to damage kanz.

Turn 4
Z: The Lootaz manage to shake the dread. Shootaboyz desperatly shoot and charge the meganobz. After some horrible dice rolling (evidence below) they get utterly destroyed. Kanz advance forward shooting miserably at the dread. The second trukk mob run eastwards.
G: Meganobz charge the kanz together with the small trukk mob. The other slugga bvoyz embarks back into their waiting trukk. Grabnutz lead the charge on the kanz. He fail to open up the kanz with his burna and get his head crushed in return by the frightend grot monsters. The Meganobz shredds the kanz to pieces. It's hard to withstand 16 Power claw attacks.

Turn 5
Z: Zagburn and the nobs jump out and torch up the meganobs and small Slugga mob and follow up with a charge. The remaining shoota boyz engage the meganobs fron the other end. Three nobs dies but the meganobs loose the combat and are massacered.
G: The grots rejoice as they start to realise they'll survive hidden behind their hill. Shoota boyz move forward but waited too long to get some action. Dread charge the Shoota boyz and the last trukk dash forward and the Slugga boyz reach Zagburn and the nobs. Two more nobs die but Zagburn show them who's the baddest ork in town. Only He and his painboy Badgutz are left standing ready to jump on his trukk and drive away in the sunset. Game ends. Zagburn wins.

- Dat showed im whose da boss. Now let da looting begin.
- Too bad da Squiggoth ran away. All diz fighting got me in a mood for BBQ.

Grabnutz hesitates when he sees the full force of Zagburns band

Da kanz harass the dread with rokkits

Last know image of the squiggoth before he gets steam rolled

Shoota boyz have a hard time hitting meganobs on 4+

The lootas has a blast, no one tried to mess with them today

Grabnutz lead the meganobs final charge against the kanz
Chaos, panic and disorder... My work here is done