The Iron Scourge

Presentera din armé, din befälhavare och allt annat du vill att de andra spelarna ska veta.
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The Lolbarian
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The Iron Scourge

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The Iron Scourge is an extremly powerful and unbelievably dangerous Chaos tainted warband, with a love for violence, mutilation, slavery and murderous games where innocents are killed for nothing more than sport. These deranged, maimed and irredeemable lunatics are responsible for numerous atrocities across countless sectors. The Belauded as he is known, commands the Iron Scourge like a proud and bloody king. A a true monster in human flesh, he doubtlessly believes that he was born to murder worlds. Unlike others of his calling, the Belauded is able to temper his malice when it can aid him.

The Belauded did not always have a reputation of horror and atrocity, 200 years ago he was a space marine sargeant Rolus Solbare of the Ultra Marine chapter, until he was badly wounded and captured in battle by the Black Legion. Subjected to tormenting psychosurgery and designer drugs, Rolus lost his identity and belief in the Emperor, his soul hollowed out and replaced with purest spite. His dominating magnetism and unrestrained bloodlust did not alone make him rise in the ranks of Abbaddons soldiery, Rolus the Belauded is a savvy operator with extensive intelligence gathering networks and contacts on both sides of the Imperium. His host includes men of incredible martial prowess and each one of them is utterly insane. Most of them are hailing from worlds where the Emperor's light never penetrated and the power of Chaos flows unchecked.

Why the Scourge has come to Eustace is not known. Perhaps they are searching for an apocalyptic weapon or a terrible fragment of lost. In doing so, the Belauded is exerting supreme restraint over himself and his followers. If faced with a profound challenge or setback he will revert to the base nature present in all Chaos Space Marines and unleash a wave of madness and violence, destroying everything he cannot posses.

“Kill or be killed – That is the way of it, there is no other truth.” the Belauded

Equipment: Terminator Armour Mark of Khorne Dual Lightning Claws

1. Tankfactory
2. Temple of doom
3. Farming Complex
4. Farming Array

Rapport #1 (40p) Förbrukad

Antal Spelade Special Scenarion:

Antal Vunna:
1 Recon
2 We come to take your food

Antal Förluster:
1 We come to take your food
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