Da Lad and 'is gits

Christoffer W
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Singulares - Legionär
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Da Lad and 'is gits

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On the far eastern steppes the land is controlled by nomading bands of ogres and greenskin. The lands are unforgiving and death can lerk behind every hill. One tribe of goblins called da gits (goblins can be very unimaginative at times...) specialised in taming the giant wolves prowling the steppes and using them to raid neighboring tribes. They continued this blissful living where they did not have to get their own food and the only thing they needed to do except resting and eating was the occasional raid and selling a few slaves to enterprising ogre merchants (or selling the merchants to other, more well guarded merchants) for centuries.

This all changed when a young ambitious warlord took control of the tribe. His name is lost to history, to those he led he was simply called the Lad. The Lad wanted to be wealthy and live a good life, he wanted treasures beyond imagining. He quickly became sick of the small raids and quiet life and led his tribe off into the west.

Beyond the world's edge mountains he found the empire, a scattered kingdom ripe for raiding. The pitiful humans did not have the organisation required to repel his fast raids, when they gathered an army to face him his tribe were already someplace else (probably the place the soldiers had left to attack him). He quickly learned to fear the blackpowder weapons of the humans however as a single gun could kill off dozens of his men in a single shot. He sent a few crafty goblins to examine the captured weapons and they soon found that they could be used to fling rocks hundreds of paces and they were much more easy to carry than real catapults. They couldn't quite understand how the humies got the rocks to explode on impact however, probably some strange humie magic.

Even though the pickings in the southern empire were good the Lad wasn't content. Then he got a rumour that a big number of magical trinkets had been found in some place called Carcassone to the south. He followed a big band of orcs that were heading that way eager to fight the lesser ones and win renown for their bashing skills. He found such things nonsence of course, what good is fighting if it gets you nothing? Isn't it better to evade the opposing army and pillage some town instead?

The orcs were useful however, they diverted attention from his own boys and paved they way to the south without him having to do anything. The south would not even know what hit 'em...

Magic items:
Berserker sword
Ruby ring of ruin
Obsidian amulet
Talisman of Protection
Sword of Anti Heroes
Morks Waagh Banner
Battleaxe of the Last Waaagh!